The Doctor Family Medical Podcast

The Doctor Family medical podcast is brought to you by David and Nina Stokes, a married couple with a young daughter.

We are both family doctors living and working in the UK.

We find medicine and health issues fascinating and love the podcast format. Podcasts are a really intimate way to learn about things from people who  have experience of the issues we are interested in.

Media coverage of medical topics can be frustrating and confusing (to us at least). Our medical podcast aims to clarify stories and health topics, cut through misinformation.

The podcasts aim to help you and your families live a healthy life; to deal with the health challenges that life will inevitably throw at you and those close to you.

Join us as we explore health issues and medical news in a family friendly way.

If you like Medical Podcasts then please check out the list of medical podcasts we enjoy. Let us know what you think of them and whether there are ones we have missed!

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Give us your feedback on things you like, things you are keen to hear about and (please be gentle) let us know things we can improve.

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Who is the podcast for?

Our medical podcast is for everyone interested in medicine and health. You do not need special advanced knowledge to understand it.

The podcasts may be especially interesting to students hoping to become doctors or nurses. To get into medical school it is important to be able to discuss and demonstrate your interest in medicine. We hope the podcast will cover some interesting topics for you to discuss.

Medical students and students of nursing will find medical subjects covered by experts. We hope you find them interesting and inspiring.

As GPs ourselves, we feel these podcasts are sufficiently meaty that GPs should be able to claim them as CPD! – We will try to pull out the salient points from each podcast on their own web-page. You can use as these as the basis of your reflections.

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