Gateway to podcast enlightenment

So what is a podcast anyway?
  1. a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

I have been a big fan of the spoken word for a long time. I remember BBC radio 4, test match special, documentaries and radio plays filling large amounts of my alone time often when doing a mundane tasks such as driving, mowing or doing other tasks not requiring too much conscious thought. 

With the evolution of the iPod and the internet, making and delivering this sort of content was democratized as people no longer needed to have a radio-station agree to air their work.

There are now over 54 million podcast episodes available online, covering every subject under the sun and of a quality that varies from the sublime to the truly awful!

Podcast Players

There are now a bewildering number of podcast players available for PCs, macs and smart phones of all persuasions.

Many podcasts can be listened to directly from a web page.  However, dedicated podcast players have a number of advantages over listening to podcasts from a web page.

  • They allow you to subscribe to a podcast you enjoy
  • You can often leave a rating or review to help other listeners find great podcasts
  • Many podcast apps have a build in search or directory to help you find more great podcasts to enjoy
  • Many will allow you to download podcasts to listen to off line perhaps when out and about


Listen on Apple Podcasts

If you have an apple device then the default player is Apple podcast player.

It is the original and probably best known and a good place to start. It has all the functionality you may need. Features include downloading podcasts to listen to later, subscribing to podcasts you like. It probably also has the largest directory of all podcasts and you should find  wealth of podcasts you will enjoy here.

Google are a more recent entrant to the podcast player market. They are however huge and available on the web and on android devices as well as apple ones!

Spotify is a music streaming service which has branched out into podcasts. They now offer many of the podcasts available and are a growing platform people are using to listen to podcasts. – This is an option especially if you already have a Spotify account.

Overcast is a podcast player for apple and iphones and apple watches. It is well liked by those who use it and they also have a paid for and free version. the free version is paid for with advertising – generally for other podcasts which you may find interesting.

All of the podcasts found on the apple iTunes store will be found on this platform

Pocket casts is a platform available for the web, as well as on apple and google smartphones. I have even managed to get it linked up to my Sonos.

It is free and easy to use. More importantly, it has most of the podcasts I have ever looked for on it.