About us:

Dr David Stokes

Having started out as a scientist studying for a PhD in molecular cell biology at the University of Cambridge, David became frustrated at the lack of conversation from his test tubes!

Still loving science and study, he undertook a further 4 years of university to study medicine before yet another 5 years training to become a GP.

He has been a GP partner now for the last 6 Years and still loves his job and the subject.

Dr Nina Stokes

Nina also started as a scientist having worked after graduating for a pharmaceutical company before heading back to University to study medicine. She is also a GP and has been working in a variety of leadership roles within the NHS and other Health tech companies. She has a unique view of health having seen it from the coal face to the cutting edge of new medical developments. Most recently she has started an online Women’s Health Clinic, One Woman Health supporting women at the peak of their career take control of their health. She looks forward to sharing some of these fascinating new developments with you.