9: A spoonful of sugar?

We explore how to take medicine when it is unpleasant, and how swallowing tablets is a life skill - we give you the tricks to get the medicine go down!

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7: Sepsis cast

In this podcast episode we hear first hand about sepsis, its recognition, how it is treated and the after effects of post sepsis syndrome.

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6: The Cholesterolcast

In this episode we cover the good the bad and the ugly of cholesterol. What it is, what it does and how you can protect yourself from its bad effects.

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5: COVID-19, the immune system and you

COVID 19 appeared to have a lot of its effects damaging the body mediated by the actions of the immune system. In this episode we speak to Professor Babak Javid infectious disease consultant about some of the latest research into the COVID 19 virus. Vacc

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